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Medical Cannabis that we cultivate and produce is thoroughly lab tested at CB Labs in Novato, CA for Cannabinoid Potency, Terpene Content, Pesticides, Microbiological Contamination (mold, fungus, yeast, E Coli) and Residual Solvents (for extracts) before being provided to local Medical Cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. We only provide Medical Cannabis that meets our high standards in addition to receiving a SLAMM Certification (Safe Legal Access to Medical Marijuana) or equivalent rigorous testing. Our Medicinal Cannabis is provided exclusively through legally operating Medical Cannabis Cultivators, Dispensaries and Select Delivery Services. POUNDER THE PIT will teach you the Humboldt Family Ways...

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    We start high in the mountains of Northern California in Eastern Humboldt County with Organic Soil,

    Hand-crafted Organic Compost Teas and Natural Sunlight.


    We hand select authentic Medicinal Cannabis Strains to cultivate with great love and care using only 

    the best farming practices, and never use any harmful pesticides or toxic fertilizers.


    Pounder the Pit. Humboldt Family Strong Farms.

    By using ancient and modern better than organic farming techniques, we harvest the most aromatic, potent, and

    beautiful Medicinal Cannabis Strains available in California today.

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Family Strong. And Growing.


    Humboldt Family Strong Farms is a deeply rooted community of Family Heritage, Craft-Cannabis Cultivators high in the mountains of Eastern Humboldt County, CA. Planet Earth has gifted the Eastern Humboldt County region with a rare Mediterranean Climate which is only found in a select handful of places in the world. It is well known among Cannabis Cultivators and enthusiasts that this unique Mediterranean Climate found in Eastern Humboldt County is truly exceptional for cultivating high quality medicinal Cannabis due to the area's high altitude, low humidity, and moderately arid climate. Humboldt Family Strong Farms practices and specializes in Full-Term Outdoor, Greenhouse, Light Deprivation, and Indoor high quality Cannabis cultivation. Our farming techniques are safe, and have no adverse effect on local streams, wildlife or habitats. Additionally, we abide by all local and state laws and ordinances. Because we love our environment, we make every effort to limit or eliminate our farms' carbon foot print by using only solar and off-the-grid power to cultivate our high quality Medicinal Cannabis.

    When hand-crafted Cannabis is cultivated in organic soil with love and care, in better than organic conditions, the medicine harvested when properly dried and cured should be wonderfully aromatic and pungent with highly effective potency. We believe that your Medicinal Cannabis should have aroma, flavor and effectiveness which are so incredible that you won't care weather it was grown "indoors" or "outdoors". At Humboldt Family Strong Farms we feed our authentic strains of Cannabis plants pristinely clean mountain spring water and hand-brewed, organic compost teas which bring out the most aromatic and medicinal qualities that Cannabis has to offer, and we never use toxic fertilizers or pesticides. Our ancient and modern Cannabis Cultivation techniques are time-honored family traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation, building stronger and stronger roots of family heritage and tradition in our quaint mountain communities. We believe that it is this family heritage strength in our communities that truly empowers us us to cultivate the most potent and highest quality healing Cannabis available in the world today.

    -Humboldt Family Strong Farms

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  • We Care. Guaranteed.

    Patients deserve to have Medical Cannabis that is clean, safe and natural. As farmers and patients, we respect the plant and provide only the best Medical Cannabis flowers, edibles, extracts, concentrates and vape cartridges, using only the best farming and manufacturing practices. Because we understand how challenging it can be for patients to find the right medicine, we are here to answer your questions should you have any. Furthermore, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all the Medical Cannabis Products that we provide. ​Prop 215. Prop 64. SB 420. Dispensary / Delivery Service. Prop 65 Warning.

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